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Creative Redemptions
This next week is going to be busy, but I will be trying to update my livejournal with my novel progress, even if it is a "Crappy day today" type post.

There are several reasons for the known inability to post: First, immigrations wraps up on Friday. The office at work is also moving. Double dose of insane stress!

I'm not handling it well, but thats just life. Gotta get through it.

Hopefully Saturday will be a better day...

Onto my book.

This year, I will be writing about a woman who must brave backstabbing politics and the challenge of her own magic to save a kingdom that she loves.

As she does not believe she has what it takes to make the change, she researches a race of beings that once existed that helped humans find the right paths.

Instead of questing to find these animals, she takes it into her own hands to try to breed a race that can accomplish what the legendary beasts used to be able to do.

Through sly dealings, gambling, and dancing with the darker side, she will walk a path most do not dare and try to save the kingdom.

However, in the end, she is the one who will need to be saved by the very creatures she has been driven to create.
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Wow. Things have been hectic for me IRL. Sunday, I hurt my knee, so I'm going to be getting that checked out probably tonight. I hate doctors, (Well, hate having me be the one examined by them to say the least, not that I HATE doctors, I just hate being sick, and have had a mis-diagnosis one too many times. I mean, come on. Scarlet fever and the common flu are two -slightly- different beasts...)

Anyway, the office is moving soon, but they arent sure when, so we don't know, which means all of my office supplies are in boxes waiting to be moved. Which means, I have very few pens. Which sucks, as I am a pen whore, and must have as many pens as possible nearby.

I am starting to plot my novel for NaNoWriMo this year. I am shooting for 80k, to start the draft of the novel I am going to publish. I've had enough practice books, time to go for the real thing. I am thinking of doing a political fantasy triology, so we'll see how it goes. I figure I'll be ready to send it out to a publisher beginning of december of next year. (Lofty goals, I know.)

Maybe this time I'll actually be able to do my Novemeber log... I'll certainly try to, hoping that I have enough time between that and my 80k goal.

... If I make 100k, I'm going to be a very happy person.

Gotta jet back to work! Will write more... sometime... in the near future. I hope.

Current Mood: busy busy

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I have to say, despite the high levels of work, the insane schedule, and the overall panic involved in moving in 3 weeks and having -very- little finished, I feel great! A new neighborhood away from the school where the theiving teens hang out (and yes, I ritually have my car broken into, as well as the apartment, so screw your tender emotions if you don't feel that there is such a thing as theiving teens, as I get my fair share of them.)

A bigger apartment... by a LOT... moving from a 2-1/2 to a 4-1/2. That is, four complete rooms and a bathroom that is considered a half room. By half room, that means enough room for a bathtub, toliet and sink. (I did not know you needed more in a bathroom, so I am satisfied in that regard.)

Fully furnished too, so I don't have to worry about buying OR moving furniture. Woo!

In other news, work is extremely busy right now. A LOT going on! Hopefully it'll steady out soon. Gotta deal with a LOT of invoices today, along with everything else!

And saving my last piece of news for last... My husband is strongly considering letting me raid the bank account and get a sweet, beautiful, delicious macbook. The cheaper one of the series. But still, a macbook is a macbook! The thing'll run photoshop 5.5 juusssttt fine. Won't run CS or whatever the new version is, but it can do 5.5. And it'll run my writing programs. I die happy.
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I haven't been online a lot lately, for a variety of reasons.

Most recently, and the most annoying of the lot, is the fact I have a gum infection caused by a pesky wisdom tooth coming in. (Well, I'm definitely wiser towards the level of pain that a gum infection can cause!)

It has wrecked havoc, not only making my gums sore and ouchy, it has effectively forced me to lessen the amount I talk, laugh, yawn, sneeze, eat and do anything that requires jaw movement. Why? The infection makes it painful to open my jaw! Doh!

Advil extra strength and orajel are the only two things keeping me going right now.

In other news, I FINALLY made a useful character in evercrack. I have a cleric that can actually cast temp! (And it only took two days to get the mob to pop I needed to get the spell in the first place!)

Me happy. I'm saving up any donations for a fast horse! (200 plat down, 60,000 left to go....)

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Woooowie! To say the least, the past few days have been hectic. I've been bouncing around town like a texas tornado and having a blast doing it.

Friday, not only did I get to go shoppin' at a really cool market, something awesome happened. I was working, and one of my friends from elementary, middle AND highschool days messaged me. Its been a few years, so I was really excited to get to talk to her again.

Then, on saturday, I went shopping -again-, with the normal accomplice (we are still trying to decide who is the worst influence on the other.) I ended up getting a nice makeup kit. (That cost more than I want to really think about, but I love the stuff none the less!)

That is probably the most notable of changes. I'm starting to wear makeup, and trying to dress more professionally. This hasn't really been something I've cared about in the past, but eh! I'm in a more professional environment now, so I suppose the change is only natural.

Sunday I bowled well. I beat my husband one of the games, fair and square. He bowled a 197. I bowled a 199. I squealed with glee. For a change, he was the person I was bowling AGAINST, rather than with! It was fun playing against my own teammember for a change!

I've been bowling a LOT better since I got rid of my wrist brace. Bowling tires me out more, but I am much more consistant now. Woot!

Thats about it. I'll try to update this later tonight or tomorrow. (Perhaps even with a novel tidbit next time.)
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Today, I took it upon myself to learn a new skill for work. My boss uses access, and I don't have access on my computer because I use linux.

On account of this, I want to learn how to make reports and manipulate SQL queries. This is something sort of interesting, and it allows me to avoid Access altogether. Hopefully it will work out.

And, as a extra bonus, it will help me manage the site project I am working on at the moment.

The downside? I'll have to make extra efforts in order to get my books finished!

Better to be busy, and its a lot better than being bored, I suppose!
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What a day. What a bloody, evil, past two days.

I work for an online dating site, in real life. I really rather enjoy my work. But DANG, sometimes co-workers piss me off! There is one person who rather enjoys corporate structure, and has an attitude. So, this individual feels MEETINGS are VITAL to existance. And has usurped not one, but TWO days with bloody MEETINGS.

I abhor, hate, loathe and DESPISE these meetings. They are the bane of my existance. They interrupt my day, add nothing, and make certain I can't get ANY of my bloody work done. I left the office frustrated and pissed off, having done a quarter of what needed done today. I was furious!

And to make things better, there is a jerk that has a website, and they have it set up in a fairly crappy manner, and they are riding my friends rump to get it back online IMMEDIATELY after having a server problem which took everything down.

So, I spent two hours to fix it. I hate front page, and I swear whoever designed it was sadistic. I had to remove every piece of frontpage code I could find from this html to make it readable and fixible through notepad.

I ended up giving up and stripping the code to the basics and letting mozilla composer repair it. All things considered, it worked well.

I started a gather.com account. It seems sort of interesting, but I doubt I'll use it very much.

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, but things have been completely insane and hectic. More leaning towards the bad side of insanity, too.

At least tonight I get to sink my teeth into a nice, large juicy steak and a gloriously large sweet potato. This has made my day quite pleasurable.
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With each passing day, I get closer and closer to my deadline of having the apartment cleaned... the day I give the landlord notification is the day they're gonna come in here and tear through everything and make a huge mess. A huge, huge, disgusting mess.

They'll (finally) fix the bathroom ceiling. They might even upgrade the kitchenette. It isn't large enough to be justifiably called a kitchen.

The ever-so-perfect people will inspect for the slightest sign of dirt. And, it will be my worst nightmare. (Ok, it is my worst nightmare.)

On the other front, I started to write out the first chapter of the novel I am plotting out. I have up to chapter 4 established, which means I can actually alternate plotting and writing. This comes as a great relief to me.

For those actually interested in the book, it is about a young man named Tezrik. He is, without doubt, scarred, bitter, and almost defeated by the lot life has given him. But, not quite. (Thankfully for those who want to read it, eh?)

The story starts off in the foot hills of a mountain, where an ancient forest grows. Tezrik and his companion, Valens, are out in search of a camp for the regiment they belong to. They are in enemy territory, and need a hiding hole.

Instead of finding a hiding hole, they find an abandoned temple. The story starts off with a good old fashioned tomb raid, where they encounter something a little more than anticipated.

Valens contracts the plague.

Tezrik contracts ghosts.

Thus, the story begins.

On the other front, I am still working hard at Inspired Author. I've made quite a lot of progress, much to my joy and relief. I even got my own section started. (If curious, I am working on the Resources section.

I really have high hopes for the site: I think it could be a great resource for writers of all skill levels. I just hope that the work I've done to get ads up, and the site functioning, pays off! (Now, if only I could get it big enough again to lure advertisers to buy adspace! Ha!)

In case you are curious, I'm working with the owner of the site as a co-project manager. I'm helping with the site construction and coding, my husband is the systems administrator, and the owner is working hard at getting writers adding more content to the site.

It is really nice seeing something like this come together, and it is even better to help get my hands into a project that I know may really be able to help a lot of writers down the road.

If you're interested in such a thing, support the site! Visit it, read up! Enjoy!

If not, just laugh, snicker or snort, and shake your head at me :)

If you haven't guessed already, things are going pretty well! Catch ya on the flip side.

Current Mood: amused amused

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Mondays are always busy. So very, very busy. Busy to the point that I might as well forget I have a name and become some computer that sits and inputs data to another computer.

I have to do a lot of work on the site I'm helping to build and manage. (If curious, you can visit it at the link below!) There are a few bugs I need to squash. Which, of course, just adds to the normal monday junk.

The hubby and I are getting ready to move in July. Which means we need to have the entire apartment spotless by friday. More stress! How fun and beautiful.

So, work, clean, work, sleep. That is my schedule for the next week. Fun, eh?
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Wow. I haen't had a lot of time to post to this thing in a long time. I've been -really- busy.

Wanna know why? I'll tell you why! (In fact, I'll tie you to a chair and tell you until you turn blue in the face or green behind the gills! ;) Whee!

I'm working on helping a friend manage a project. The site is Inspired Author and I'm having a real kick out of it. I get to help use (and write code for) a really awesome content management system with a reallllly high learning curve.

And, it lets me do something other than do real at-work work, and gives me an excuse to procrastinate from me novels.

But why would I procrastinate? Geeze, bad Lekaylea! Bad bad bad! (Ok, in reality, I've been in a partial slump, and have to sort through recovered files on my computer. You know how that goes!)

Beyond that, I dunno.

My goal is to start writing on this thing once every day, two days at the max. (Oh man, I better start doing some really interesting stuff since then.)

I am working on plotting a new book. Its an epic style fantasy, and it involves ghosts, gods, and plague. What better subject matter for the trail ends of winter! It is like death, doom and destruction, but better!
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